The little buggers are out to get me!

Friday, February 29, 2008

I have been getting up earlier, but so have the kids! If I'm lucky, I manage about 10 minutes alone before, one by one, they start piling in my lap. I don't get it. I'm very quiet. I get up and go straight to the couch to pray and read. Then Abbie wakes up, and starts bouncing in my lap. She is one VERY chatty little girl, which might not be as annoying if I could actually understand what she was saying. Then Abbie's incessant chatter wakes up Carolyn, who insists on pushing Abbie out and being Queen of the Lap. The ensuing struggle for lap space wakes up Gavin, who comes running out of his room in his usual "LOOK AT ME!!! I'm awake!" fashion. So I try to convince them to play quietly so I can at least finish a chapter. Trent is the lazy bones who wallows in bed as late as possible- at least until the girls attack him and he realizes he is defenseless laying in bed.


It is getting harder to get up early at all. I get SO tired in the first trimester of my pregnancies. I just wish I could crawl in a hole and wake up in 3 months. It is a miserable feeling- I loose all motivation and I feel cranky. No matter how much I sleep, it isn't enough.

One thing that motivates me to get up- knowing that if I don't, all the kids will come crashing into my bed. As sweet as is *can* be, it usually results in a fight over who gets to lay on my pillow and who gets to lay on my tummy, and I am rendered helpless as they jump on my stomach while I desperately need to pee.

Hey- progress is progress. At least I am getting up earlier, even if it isn't quite as planned.

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Sheila said...

I think children have some kind of 6th sense that tells them when a parent is up... no matter what time it is!
Kudos for trying to have some quiet before the day gets started and goodluck with your pregnancy.
You are right... children ARE a blessing!