Running late, but at least I'm running...

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Today is day 1 of trying (again) to start following a home schedule. This includes me getting up at 6:30am. While we are already running late according to the laid out schedule- I am excited beyond words that we are even making an honest crack at it.

I have tried Fly Lady numerous times over, but it overwhelmed me. I found a site that is more laid back, but just as inspiring-

We'll see if it sticks- I am praying that it does. For the first time I am actually sincerly praying to wake up early, instead of being half hearted and stubborn. I know it isn't me- it is TOTALLY Him. He is helping me to bury my stubborn pride. I imagine it will be a life-long war, but at least this small battle is won. :)