Chaos coming to order

Monday, February 25, 2008

Slowly but surely, things are coming around. I am actually waking up earlier most days. I've even gotta up at (gasp!) 5:30am a few times. Let me just say that afternoon naps are my friend. Especially being pregnant- first trimester always makes my SOOO tired.

I have the kids doing 3 clean-ups a day: before lunch, before nap, and before bed. Sometimes I let one slide, either out of forgetfulness or laziness, but fortunately with 3 clean-ups a day it is easy to catch up. I am desperately hoping that they will stop just dumping stuff out now that they have to pick it up.

I have been much better at planning and cooking dinner. Still far from perfect, but fortunately James actually likes cooking, so he comes to my rescue some evenings.

Surprisingly- it seems the smallest things make my James happy. I have been making the bed (most) mornings. He really likes that. Even if the rest of the house looks like poo and the kids were a pill all evening, going to bed to a nice tidy bed seems to really please him.

Now- if I can wean myself of my internet addiction, I can start being REALLY productive around here.

ETA: I re-read my post, and I realized I forgot something. I absolutely cannot take any credit for the progress in my home. I have been working on making a habit of praying every morning. That helps immensely. I am not capable of much good on my own- I am stubborn, selfish, and lazy. I have to praise God for lighting a fire under me and keeping it lit. ;)

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